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Hydraulic press





How exactly does the hydraulic press work?


Hydraulic press was invented by Joseph Bramah in 1795 and has been used extensively in metal forming work ever since. Currently, this types of machines are used in many industries for cutting, stamping, extrusion and testing the properties of various materials. While the range of adoption of hydraulic press has gradually expanded over the years, the way it works remained essentially the same. Like 200 years ago, it works on the principle of hydrostatics (the pressure in the liquid sealed in the vessel is constant).



Hydraulic press – functionality


The main parts of the machine are the suction and pressure pump, which is responsible for exerting pressure, and piston, which receives the pressure. The pressure is then distributed throughout the fluid (in most cases hydraulic oil is used) evenly in all directions and can be transferred from the piston to the work piece.  Due to its specific structure, the machine is able to multiply the force acting on the pump piston.



Professional  services offered by Incobex


We own modern hydraulic presses, which in our case are used for the production of polyester and thermosetting plastic elements and the production of steel sheet elements. We are always at the disposal of our clients and offer the highest level of precision. Are you interested in our offer? Incobex’s highly qualified staff will be happy to help you!