STN 250 thermosetting enclosures

    Out thermosetting enclosures are covered with high-quality, which increases their resistance to weather conditions, as well as to chemical and mechanical factors.

    Thermosetting enclosures with a depth of 250 mm are available in many variants. Among them there are both compact housings with dimensions of 26 x 42 cm (width x height), as well as much larger constructions. If required, the enclosures cab be placed on compatible cable trays and/or foundations.

    The mounting system designed by us, which includes, among others, WMN mounting brackets and BKMN side mounting channels allow for attaching various types of electrical equipment, such as meter boards, terminal strips, disconnectors, circuit breakers and other modular devices.

    The housings also meet the standards for the degree of protection IP44/IP54 - they provide very good protection against the penetration of small-diameter foreign bodies, as well as against water splashes from any direction.


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STN 320 thermosetting enclosures


  Thermosetting enclosures with a depth of 320 mm are widely used in the power industry, mainly in power distribution systems, power supply system’s etc. They perform very well both indoors and outdoors. They have high mechanical resistance, which results from the reinforcement of the SMC material with glass fiber. Moreover, the polyurethane varnish coating offered as standard provides protection against weather conditions, allowing the housing to maintain its aesthetic appearance for a long time.

  The leading equipment built into the STN 320 enclosures are strip devices, witch disconnectors, fuse bases, but the offered mounting system – as in STN 250 series – allows the installation of any electrical device.

  If you need information on the technical specifications of our products or consult the solutions used, please contact the Regional Sales Manager or the Customer Service Department.

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