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Thermosetting cabinets



Incobex offers two types of high-quality enclosures that meet the needs of modern industrial companies. The STN and DIN polyester thermosetting cabinets produced by us can also be used in outdoor applications and are available in many variants that differ not only in size, but also in equipment. 

Thermosetting cabinets STN - the perfect solution for photovoltaic systems, railways and telecommunications 

They are made of highly resistant polyester reinforced with glass fibers SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound). This composite material has both excellent mechanical resistance and can be safely used in wide temperture range. It guarantees resistance to temperatures up to 960°C and the best flammability class V0. Thanks to that, we are able to provide customers with a very good durability of our products. 


We are aware that thermosetting cabinets used in photovoltaic and railway industries must provide high resistance to weather conditions. For that reasons, our products, upon customer's request, are covered with special polyurethane varnish, thanks to which they are permanently protected even against intense UV radiation. Additionally, due to modular structure, the enclosures can be adapted to specific requirements and, if necessary, retrofitted. 

Thermosetting cabinets in accordance with DIN 14598 and relevant EU guidelines

We also manufacture standard cabinets for AC systems in various industries. As they have an IP 44 degree of protection, they are very well secured against splash water and the ingress of of small objects. Due to that the cabinets are suitable for outdoor use. 


Like the STN series, DIN-compliant products can also be ordered in many variants. In addition, they are characterized by high mechanical and thermal resistance, what results from the properties of polyester reinforced with SMC glass fibers. These thermosetting cabinets contain the usual connectors. Thanks to that they are mostly universal.