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Types and application of electrical switchgear



Electrical switchboards are considered the focal point of the power grid and are used, among others, in the area of powering industrial facilities, mostly for distribution and of energy to individual customers via the LV grid.

You will learn about the functions and types of switchboards in this article!


Fundamental information on the use of electrical switchboards


Switchgears perform various functions in the power grid. They are primarily responsible  for energy distribution – they ensure constant energy supplies to  all network recipients. These are ZK – cable connectors, SK – cable cabinets. They also have measuring and balancing function.

Electrical switchgears are also used in traction power supply systems, control automation as well as street lighting and photovoltaic systems. Our low voltage switchgears are available in various configurations, from single connectors to developer measurement sets.


Our switchgears are made in protection class II, which ensures high safety for users. In order to ensure high quality and safety, they undergo rigorous compliance tests (performed at the SEP BBJ institute) with the PN-EN 61439 family standards and other standards harmonized with the European LVD directive, as well as quality control during production each time. 

Each of our products is marked with the CE safety mark and the SEP BBJ mark.


Division of switchboards according to the design and method of installation


          Our switchgears are available in the following versions:

·         Freestanding

·         Surface mounting

·         Flush mounting



If you are interested in high-quality LV switchgears in thermosetting STN or DIN enclosures, which can be adapted to individual requirements, we are at your disposal!