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What should you know about construction electrical switchboards?



What should you know about construction electrical switchboards?


They are absolutely essential on any construction site. Without access to electricity, it would be impossible to carry out a wide range of construction works. Switchboards ensure reliable power supply for machines and construction devices. In this article we present what materials they are made of and what should be taken into account when choosing them.


Fundamental information about construction electrical switchboardS


The devices are designed to ensure safe connection of the power supply to lightning,  machines, electric tool etc. to ensure smooth operation.

Since switchboards are usually located outdoors, their enclosures must be resistant not only to weather conditions and UV radiation but also to mechanical damage. For that reason, the boxes are mainly made of thermally hardened materials such as glass fibers reinforced SCM.


The standard in our company is the varnishing of all housings with two-component polyurethane varnish, which perfectly protects them against the destructive effects of UV radiation.



The cabinets made of polyester (SCM) provide:


     -at least IP44 (the switchboard is splash-proof from all sides)

     -protection against electric shock


From the electrical side, the customer can choose from many configurations of single and three-phase sockets, protected by devices and the main switch. Incobex electrical switchboards in polyester enclosures are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the European Low Voltage Directive and in accordance with harmonized standards.


The switchgear production process is carried out under the constant supervision of the SEP BBJ accreditation body, which ensures optimal safety and reliability.


More information on the technical specifications of Incobex switchgears can be found at our website and in our catalogues.