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What standards must electrical switchgear housings meet?



Electrical switchgear housings are exposed to a number of hazardous factors, including not only the ingress of dust, water and various objects, but also static and dynamic pressure on material, temperatures and mechanical damage. As electrical switchgear enclosures  also have significant impact on the safety of people who come into contact with them, they must meet various international standards in order to obtain appropriate certificates.


IP protection classes in accordance with PN-EN 60529


The IP protection classes are of great importance in the case of electrical switchgear enclosures, especially when they are operated in a place of unfavourable weather conditions. Form the IP degree obtained by the housing, you can find out in which environmental condition the safe operation of the device is guaranteed.

The IP identifier consist of two digits. The first digit describes physical contact and determines the degree of resistance of the housing to the ingress of objects. The second digit, on the other hand, describes protection against water. The higher the numbers, the more tight the electrical switchgear housing.

Our enclosures have IP 44 and IP 54 protection degrees.


Safety guaranteed by the PN-EN 61439-5 standard


This standard defines the main parameters of the mechanical properties of electrical enclosures intended for public areas. In accordance with the PN-EN 61439-5 standard, the manufacturer must ensure the full static and dynamic strength of the housing. Among other things, the following are tested: load resistance, torsional strength, impact resistance with a sharp tool.


Highly resistant STN and DIN housings for low voltage switchboards  and other electrical accessories can be ordered directly from us. Our products comply with all standards harmonized with the LVD 2014/35/UE directive and are marked with the CE safety mark. Our polyester enclosures meet all the requirements for the construction of devices (switchgears) in protection class II.